Luxury Surfaces Design

Be inspired. Be unique. Be innovative.

The thing that drives Luxface is not the subject matter so much as the potential.

The goal of LUXFACE is create bespoke surface finishes, artwork, furniture used to ecoresin, liquid metal, acrylic, crystal resin, epoxy resin by using special finished and applying particular patented procedures.


Utilized by designers worldwide!LUXFACE continues to be a leading manufacturer of custom resin surfacing materials for over ten years.In order to find a fine solution in facing the challenges in design projects, Luxface has been dedicated to the development and innovation of sustainable and inspiring materials which makes various applications in architectural and decorative field possible, from walls to ceilings, partitions, dividers, furniture, cabinets, doors, sculpture, and other decorative solutions. The range of imaginative architectural applications is nearly limitless.


Luxface Collections has nine offerings:

Luxsurface – resin veneer surface finishes; Luxmetal – liquid metal coating bespoke finishes;

Luxform- ecoresin panels; Luxcolor- colored acrylic panels; Luxice – fiber light acrylic; Luxcore – honeycomb structure panel ; Luxglass – glass casting acrylic; Luxwood – wood laminated resin; Luxcrystal – CRYSIN (new brand) crystal furniture, sculpture, artwork, wall, lighting…

The thing that drives Luxface is not the subject matter so much as the potential.


  • Cracked gesso textures
  • Artworks
  • Distressed furniture finishes
  • Decorative paint effects
  • Gilded finishes
  • Liquid Metal finishes
  • Large scale projects– fully panelled rooms, flooring
  • Restorationof antique and modern furniture
  • French polishing– e.g. furniture and fine joinery
  • Modern Lacquer finishes
  • Decorative arts furniture


LUXFACE was founded in 2008 with a vision to create design-driven materials with an unyielding commitment to environmental responsibility. Today, standard setting innovation and environmental accountability are expected practices at Luxface. Embraced by architecture’s multifaceted academic, commercial and editorial circles-Luxface continues to be recognized in the industry.

Path to Zero

Exceeding industry expectations, Luxface has set distinctly aggressive goals for minimizing the impact of not only our products, but of our processes. Collectively we refer to them as our Path to Zero.

We are committed to decreasing our overall environmental footprint